That’s how I felt when I discovered the world of graphic design. It was as if a vast playground of color, shape, space, and type had been opened up just for me. Now, years later, a creative rush still comes over me with each new project. Looking for a designer who wants to wow your clients? Let’s talk.

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About Me

Growing up I was passionate about any form of art from drawing to ceramics. High school years fueled my creative fascination and reinforced my dream of becoming a professional graphic designer.

While in college at Minnesota State University Moorhead, I found myself in a wonderland of artful expression. As I soaked up the basic fundamentals of art, and learned the “how to’s” of creative problem solving, my career choice was reinforced. My academic work was realized the day I stepped forward to receive two degrees — a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Design and a BFA in Ceramics — each with honors.

I was thrilled to serve as an intern within both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, as well as work full-time for a non-profit, automotive industry, and a law frim. I am currently looking for my next work family.

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My Knowledge


Making a message with a mark —that’s how I view logo design. My aim is to create memorable and enduring iconography for my clients.


Just say no to coding, say yes to WordPress. It’s an approach that has allowed me to maximize the WordPress platform for the clients I serve. (Ask me about the time I created 13 WordPress micro sites in 3 months!)

social media

Media changes, people not so much. What was in yesterday, is on its way out tomorrow. While media changes, people remain essentially the same. I make it my business to stay current and relevant in the rapidly changing social media landscape.


There’s an art to it. Given all the attention to the analytical side of marketing, it’s easy to forget the importance of artfully crafting a selling message. From trade show booths, print ads, outdoor, to digital banner ads, I love to connect products and services with audiences.


True blue — connecting design with production. What is designed does not always translate to what gets printed. As a designer with a production manager’s brain, I work tirelessly at making sure that what is designed is what gets printed. I call that, true blue design.


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